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Sci-Afric Journal of Scientific Issues, Research and Essays (SJSIRS)

Sci-Afric Journal of Scientific Issues, Research and Essays Vol.4(5) Pp. 943-945 May 2016 Copyright 2016 Sci-Afric Publishers.


Evaluation of Hen Age, Body Weight and Egg Weight on Percent Egg Component and the Internal Composition of Harco Hen Eggs


Anyaegbu B.C., Onunkwo D.N and Irebuisi Daniella


Corresponding Author’s E-mail: donunkwo1@gmail.com   


Accepted March 30th, 2016


A study was carried out to evaluate the effect of Hen age, body weight and egg weight on internal composition of eggs (mass and composition of albumen and yolk) of Harco Hen Eggs. The effects of egg size on physical composition were also measured. Seventy –two (72) Harco hens of 32 weeks old were assigned into 3 groups corresponding to 3 body weight ranges. Weight range one (WR1) 1.35 – 1.59Kg; weight range two (WR2), 1.60 – 1.80Kg and weight range three (WR3) 1.81-2.25Kg.Each weight range contained 24 laying hens which were divided into three replicates such that each replicates contained 8 birds. The hens were managed in battery cages and the fed a commercial layers ration for 3 months during which the average egg weight and the number of eggs laid by each weight range were evaluated. 72 eggs whose weight fell within 3 weight groups 55 -57g, 60 -62g and 65 -67g and albumen, yolk and shell content were weighed and expressed as percentages of total egg weight. The albumen content of egg weighing 55 -57g, 60 -62g, and 65 – 67g were 62%, 63% and 65.8% and 8.9 % respectively. At the end of each month, 3 eggs were picked randomly from each weight ranges on which proximate analysis was carried out. The results obtained from this study were statistically analyzed by applying percentage and standard error of means. The influence of hen age and weight has no discernible statistical significant effect on the chemical composition of albumen and yolk of eggs. An investigation of the effect of egg weight ranges on the internal composition of eggs also showed no statistical significance but differences in percent of albumen and yolk of egg weight ranges were evident. Increase in egg size was mainly due to increase in albumen content.

Keywords: Hen age, Body weight, Egg weight, Percent egg component, Internal composition.



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