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Sci-Afric Journal of Scientific Issues, Research and Essays (SJSIRS)

Table of Content: February 2015; Volume 3 Issue 2



Research Papers


Akparhuere Godwin. O

Entrepreneurial Development through Effective Application of Statistical Skill and Knowledge.

           Sci-Afric J. Sci. Issues. Res. Essays 3(2): 598-606 [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (105 KB)


Iman M. El Husseiny, *Mohamed H. Mona, Amal I. Seif and Mohamed T. Yassin.

Aquatic Insects as Bio Indicators for Pollution in Some Egyptian Streams.           

            Sci-Afric J. Sci. Issues. Res. Essays 3(2): 607-615 [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (135 KB)


Amin Tamale Kiggundu.

An Assessment of the Capabilities and Gaps in Urban Air Quality Management in Uganda.

            Sci-Afric J. Sci. Issues. Res. Essays 3(2): 616-628 [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (727 KB)


Hewaydah E. Abo Shafeey*, Nahla A. Radwan, Amal I. Khalil.

Fine Structure and Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis (EDXA) of Tegumental Spines around the Acetabulum of Juvenile and Adult Cyndiplostomum azimi (Trematoda: Digenea)          

            Sci-Afric J. Sci. Issues. Res. Essays 3(2): 629-637 [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (135 KB)



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