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Sci-Afric Journal of Scientific Issues, Research and Essays (SJSIRS)

Table of Content: March 2014; Volume 2 Issue 3



Research Papers


Anongo M’ember Catherine, Bako Sunday Paul, Iortsuun Dora Nguemo, Japhet Wisdom S., Uyovbisere Edwards O.

Levels of Trace Elements in Plant Parts of Two Cultivars of Wheat at Some Selected Growth Stages.

           Sci-Afric J. Sci. Issues. Res. Essays 2(3): 111-116 [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (106 KB)


Ojo OM and Agbede, OA

Assessment of Ikogosi Warm Spring Water Quality in Ekiti State, South Western Nigeria.

            Sci-Afric J. Sci. Issues. Res. Essays 2(3): 117-123 [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (198 KB)


Kalu, Kalu Mong and Ihemanma, Chioma Ada.

Prevalence of parasitic helminthes in stools of children aged 4-12 years in Ahaba Imenyi community of Abia state Nigeria.

            Sci-Afric J. Sci. Issues. Res. Essays 2(3): 124-127 [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (59 KB)


UC Otuonye, JT Barminas, AM Magomya, EA Kamba and C. Andrew

Removal of Chromium (VI) as a heavy metal from aqueous solution using Chitin obtained from Bargi fish (Heterotis Miloticus) scale.           

            Sci-Afric J. Sci. Issues. Res. Essays 2(3): 128-131 [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (86 KB)


Umeh SO. and Odibo FJC.

Amylase Activity during Retting of Cassava Tubers for Wet Fufu Mash Production.

           Sci-Afric J. Sci. Issues. Res. Essays 2(3): 132-137 [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (64 KB)


Anderson Freitas, Hélio Costa, André Souza, Diogo Souto, Adriano Mesquita, and Alessandro Mesquita.

Efficacy of Low-Dose Gamma Radiation Sterilization of Polyethylene Acetabular Components used in Hip Replacements.

            Sci-Afric J. Sci. Issues. Res. Essays 2(3): 138-140 [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (142 KB)



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