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Sci-Afric Journal of Scientific Issues, Research and Essays (SJSIRS)

Table of Content: May 2014; Volume 2 Issue 5



Research Papers


Najah M. Al-Khatib.

Violence Against Women in the Palestinian Society.

           Sci-Afric J. Sci. Issues. Res. Essays 2(5): 185-186 [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (49 KB)



There is a light at the end of the Tunnel.

            Sci-Afric J. Sci. Issues. Res. Essays 2(5): 187 [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (37 KB)


Ayodele Omojuwa.

HIV/AIDS: “In God we Believe, in Condoms we Trust” an Exposition of the Role of Faith, Sex, and Ethics Among Tertiary Education Students in Lagos Nigeria.

            Sci-Afric J. Sci. Issues. Res. Essays 2(5): 188-192 [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (176 KB)


Akram Rahhal, and Tariq Darabee

Adoption of Balanced Scorecard (BSC) in Palestinian Corporations.

            Sci-Afric J. Sci. Issues. Res. Essays 2(5): 193-203 [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (286 KB)


Ensaf A. El-Gayar and Lamiaa A. Sharra

Community Composition of Edaphic Collembola (Hexapoda) in Grazed and None Grazed Biotopes in Egypt.

           Sci-Afric J. Sci. Issues. Res. Essays 2(5): 204-217 [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (288 KB)


Adelakun KM, Mustapha MK, Maradun HF and Amali RP.

Nutrient Quality of African Catfish (Clarias Gariepinus, burchell 1822) Fed Cissus Populnea Root Meal Based Diet as Soybean Meal Replacer.

            Sci-Afric J. Sci. Issues. Res. Essays 2(5): 218-221 [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (542 KB)


Aderinola OS. and Owolabi TA. 

An Assessment of Renolith on Cement-Stabilized Poor Lateritic Soils.

            Sci-Afric J. Sci. Issues. Res. Essays 2(5): 222-237 [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (398 KB)


Oladejo SO, Nandi I., and Ajibola B.

Epidemiological study of tropical diseases using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS).

            Sci-Afric J. Sci. Issues. Res. Essays 2(5): 238-247 [Abstract]  [Full Text-PDF] (2.4 MB)



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