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Dear Author,

Thank you for considering Sci-Afric Publishers® as your open access publisher of choice. All articles submitted to the Journal will be expedited through our peer review and production process and will be published upon acceptance.

Open Access (OA) provides unrestricted access to peer-reviewed journal articles via the Internet. In lieu of paid subscriptions, authors are required to pay a publication fee after their paper has been accepted.


* Research Archives in Epidemiology and Public Health (RAEPH)
* Sci-Afric Journal of Biomedicine and Bioengineering (SJBB)
* Sci-Afric Journal of Infectious diseases (SJID)
* International Journal of Cancer Researches and Human Cytology (IJCRHC)
* Research Findings in General Medicine (RFGM)
* African Journal of Alternative Medicine and Medicinal Plants (AJAMMP)
* Research Findings in Pharmacy and Pharmacology (RFPP)


* Energy and Environment Research Findings (EERF)
* International Journal of System Engineering and Modelling (IJSEM)
* Biofilms and Nanotechnology Research Journal (BNRJ)
* Sci-Afric Journal of Construction Technology and Earth Materials (SJCTEM)
* International Journal of Computation and Mathematical Analysis (IJCMA)
* Archives in Computer Networking and Telecommunication (ACNTCN)


* Research Archives in Microbiology and Biochemistry (RAMB)
* Sci-Afric Journal of Food Science and Dietetics (SJFD)
* Sci-Afric Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health (SJTEH)
* International Research Journal of Agricultural and Aquatic Sciences (IRJAAS)


* Archives of Geophysical Research Findings (AGRF)
* Research Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Extracts (RJCCE)
* International Journal of Mining and Geological Researches (IJGR)
* Sci-Afric Journal of Radiation and Health Physics (SJRHP)


* Sci-Afric Research Journal of Accounting and Monetary Policy (SJAMP)
* African Journal of Human Administration and Policy Making (AJHAPM)
* Sci-Afric Journal of Gender Issues (SGI)
* African Journal of Peace and Security Studies (AJPSS)


* Sci-Afric journal of Educational research and learning techniques (SJERLT)
* Sci-Afric journal of exercise and health research (SJEHR)
* Sci-Afric journal of scientific issues, research and essays (SJSIRS)


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